So last year I caught Dengue Fever. Dengue is a lovely mosquito born disease which causes your bones to feel like they are breaking, a very high fever and rash, and possible internal bleeding, which can kill you. It’s what you get for being annoying and going to places like the Maldives for your holidays. I was in hospital for 10 days including a few in intensive care, and although I’m totally fine now, dengue has wreaked havoc with my immune system. Apparently this is a long term effect of the disease.


Being currently holed up with my gazillionth virus this winter I’ve done a bit of research into how I can strengthen my immune system. My doctor friend says you either have a strong immune system, or you don’t but I’m sure there are things you can do to improve it. Here are some natural remedies that my friends and colleagues have suggested, which I’m going to try and will report back in a few months!


Ways to boost your immune system (according to my friends):


  1. Fermented foods-


It’s thought that 85% of your immune system lives in your gut so it’s so important to feed your tummy with good bacteria, to keep it working at its optimal level. It’s normal to have both good and bad bacteria but you want to make sure they are balanced. Otherwise, your immune system could be compromised.   Fermented foods feed the good bacteria in your gut lining which allows them to flourish and do their work of keeping you healthy! Kefir, Kombucha, Kimchi, Sauerkraut and Miso are great sources of fermented foodsJ Kefir, which is fermented milk, sounds disgusting but honestly it tastes like a yoghurt drink. I mix it with smoothies and shakes and its soooo good. Its also good to drink after a night out, it alleviates hangover symptoms like no other!!!


  1. Supplements-


Ideally we’d get all our vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat but in reality that is very hard to do!!! Most of us are time poor so cooking balanced meals 3 times a day is unlikely. I eat as well as I can, but obviously its not enough! I’ve just been highly recommended this supplement by a friend and fellow health professional who hasn’t been ill in 8 YEARS (!) so even though they are flippin expensive, I’m giving them a go. It also says it’s anti-aging so YAY!


  1. Probiotics-


This falls in between the categories of Fermented Foods and Supplements.   Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast, packaged into little capsules or powder sachets. If you’re not too keen on eating loads of fermented foods then its essential to add a good probiotic to your supplement plan. My nutritionist friend says that not all probiotics are made equal, however, as many fail to survive the transit from the manufacturer to your house alone! Then if they are not of good enough quality, the ones that have survived will probably die before they reach your gut.


So, as per my friend’s suggestion and after taking out a small mortgage on my house, I have just ordered these bad boys:


A side effect of strong probiotics is farting. Sorry in advance to my clients.


  1. Acupuncture and Reflexology-


I absolutely LOVE reflexology. If you’ve never had it, do. It’s like the most amazing foot massage ever. I had it when I was pregnant as I heard it would help bring the bubba to the light a bit sooner, which didn’t happen, but it was so amazing that I didn’t care. Anyway, after some advice from friends and my reflexologist friend (I’m realizing that I have some pretty useful women in my life!) I’ve booked in for both. Reflexology and Acupuncture apply pressure on various pressure points of the body, which helps release energy blockages and balance the flow throughout your body.   Both have also been found to help the brain increase it’s production of T-cells, which destroy bacteria and harmful viruses. Sounds worth a go to me. Plus, I also heard that acupuncture is anti-agingJ And I love a good food massage.


So this is my mission. I’m broke now, but hopefully I’ll be fit and strong and healthy and young looking soon! I’ll report back in a couple of months.







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