Happy Anniversary – Hedonistic Health

Sooooo it’s been a while since my last blog entry. To be accurate, it’s been a whole year.  And that was my first ever post as well as my last. Until today!!  Yes people, I have set myself a goal to get down with the times, in with the kids and start actively using social media.  Bear with me, I’m a bit thick when it comes to ALL things technology and computers and that require half a brain but i am a woman on a mission. Nothing will get in my way!


Now if it’s been a whole year since my last blog post then that means it’s been one year since Hedonistic Health went live!! Happy anniversary to me! What a fab year it has been, I’ve met some incredible ladies who are all share the same goals- to get fit, to have fun, to laugh and to tone their bums, whilst still eating cake and drinking wine:)  Maybe not at the same time though.


Barre has been the MVP of my classes and its such a great class to teach!  Not only do i get to tuck and shake and thrust (!) to really cheesy music with you all, I also get to hear your amazing feedback and body transformation stories from the class.  It really does have the ability to change your shape and how you feel.


Anyway, I hope you’re all having a fabulous summer wherever you may be.  I’ve had a procedure done which means I can’t exercise for 6 weeks so I’m just lazing about on my slightly less toned bum, eating cookies and watching weird TV (anyone see Naked Attraction on channel 4?!).



Sophie xx


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