Hedonistic Health is my baby, my fourth child. And just like my human babies, HH has literally taken over my life over the past few months.  I’ve been working with a designer to build my website and I’m very excited to announce it’s now live!!!

Hedonistic Health offers exciting and current fitness classes in Chichester, West Sussex.  I believe that getting fit should be fun, social, effective and time efficient. Confession: I am lazy. Not what you want to hear from your trainer.  But, I also like to look and feel good, therefore I know that I can’t be lazy! Hence why I am a fitness professional! It’s quite ironic really, but hey ho. Anyway, I offer classes that are short and sweet (you may beg to differ!) but are extremely effective at getting you fit, burning fat, toning up and making you strong.  Now what gorgeous woman, young or less young, doesn’t want to be fit and strong??

Anyway, I have big plans for hedonistic health so stay tuned.  For now though, enjoy your summer holidays wherever you may be and please sign up for regular health and beauty tips, experiments (consider me your human guinea pig, I will try ANYTHING that promises to make me look like I’m 19!), healthy recipes and other hedonistic lifestyle ideas.

I am now on holiday, off to the rolling hills of Umbria where I will eat pasta, drink wine and be happy.

In the meantime, please explore my site where you can learn more about me, the classes I offer, juices available and a timetable for September classes! You can also find me on Facebook, come say hello!


Sophie xxx


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